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I was privileged to attend Colby’s networking workshop in Paris. Colby’s delivery style is very interactive, and within seconds from the start everyone in the room was deeply engaged with her presentation.

Her workshop was based on sound research and her extensive experience. She brilliantly dispelled the myth that networking is all about “How can I get what I want from people?”. She showed us how it could instead be used as a force for good. She gave us practical tips to ensure that our networking would benefit not only our own projects and careers, but also those of everyone we meet. It was incredibly helpful and has definitely made a huge impact on every business conversation I have had since.

Flora Nicholson, Management Consultant and former Senior Volunteering Manager at Cancer Research UK

I attended a workshop on networking by Colby during my time as a scholar in the Healthcare Leadership Academy. She emphasised the importance and need for networking and was very approachable, answering all our questions! It was really useful to take part in the workshop, especially the role play in which we were thrown in the deep end forcing us to appreciate the practicalities and gaining in confidence! I can definitely recommend the session to anyone else interested!

Dina Saleh, Academic Foundation Programme Doctor, North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust

Colby delivered an immersive and interactive session. She was engaging and approachable in her style, answering the questions you’ve never had chance to ask! She injected humour and alleviated any feelings of awkwardness. A unique opportunity for anyone wanting insight into the art of networking!

Eleanor Budge, Foundation Doctor, Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust

Colby is the kind of person that can connect to anyone personally. This amazing workshop goes beyond learning simple networking skills and helps you to develop your personal style.

Jim Determeijer, medical student, University of Amsterdam