Mentoring skills

The aim of the masterclass is to give attendees the skills and techniques to develop an effective mentoring relationship. The sessions can be tailored to mentors (senior leaders), mentees (early career researchers) or a mixed group.

Masterclass content:

Drawing on ten years of experience developing and implementing mentoring programmes in academia, the facilitator will:

  • Enable PhD students and postdocs is to explore the mentee’s role in developing a successful mentoring relationship; and
  • Give senior researchers the skills to become a more effective mentoring relationship.

Participants will practice the key skills needed to be an effective mentor or mentee and they will learn how to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls in a mentoring relationship. The workshop will conclude with a discussion of several case studies highlighting issues that often arise in a mentoring relationship.

Learning objectives:

At the end of the workshop early career participants will:

  • Understand how to start a new mentoring relationship on the best footing.
  • Effectively ‘manage’ their mentor.
  • Troubleshoot common problems that arise in mentoring conversations.
  • Understand the benefits of peer mentoring.
  • Apply networking skills to find mentoring support.

And senior researchers will:

  • Understand how to be a ‘good’ mentor.
  • Discuss the benefits of being a mentor.
  • Ask effective questions to encourage their mentee to open up.
  • Understand how to guide a mentee rather than dictating what they should do.
  • Successfully structure a mentoring conversation.