Building an entrepreneurial mindset

The aim of the masterclass is to give attendees the skills and guidance to reflect on their approach to work. ‘Building an Entrepreneurial Mindset’ will enable participants to apply an entrepreneurial approach to their everyday work and will be the first step in a journey that will continue long after the masterclass concludes. The intention is not to encourage participants to leave their current job, but to apply a different mindset to their work.

Masterclass content:

Drawing on experience in the academic and tech startup sectors, the facilitator will demystify how and why entrepreneurs make the jump from their day job to running an independent company. Using case studies, participants will discover that being ‘entrepreneurial’ is about planning well, taking small, calculated risks and being willing to change directions, sometimes dramatically.

Participants will go on to explore how to apply an entrepreneurial mindset to their current work. Through small group exercises and action planning, participants will develop a plan to change their working practices and incorporate calculated risks into their objectives.

The masterclass will include sessions on:

  • Demystifying the entrepreneurial approach.
  • The basics of setting up a business and how independence shapes a business.
  • How entrepreneurs develop their ideas.
  • Making calculated risks.
  • Changing strategic direction and the sunk costs fallacy.
  • Applying an entrepreneurial approach to your day-to-day work.

Learning objectives:

At the end of the masterclass participants will:

  • Understand the fundamentals of entrepreneurship.
  • Understand entrepreneurial decision-making.
  • Be able to make calculated risks that raise their potential.
  • Be able to apply a more risk-taking approach to their day-to-day work.