We can do better: a case for positive discrimination in the workplace

I was very pleased to write a blog post for the Healthcare Leadership Academy on positive discrimination in the workplace.

Check out the excerpt below and follow the link to read the entire post.

Like many women, I started calling myself as a feminist in university. I started realising that sexual harassment is real even if others do not recognise that harassment happens. I started experiencing discrimination based on my gender and I became aware that I had also experienced it in the past. I became angry and motivated.

What surprised me the most was the fact that it took me so long to see the effects of structural sexism on my life. I became aware that I had routinely thought of myself as less capable than my male peers. I remember being scared to put my hand up in class and not really being sure why. When I got my first job I remember not putting myself forward for projects and letting male colleagues scoop up plum roles. It makes me sad to think of how I was held back by structural sexism that made me think less of myself.

I know that we can do better. We can value women equally to men and changes to the workplace are an important part of the solution.

Read the rest of the post and many others on the Healthcare Leadership Academy’s Leadership Blog.

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