Building an entrepreneurial mindset

What makes an entrepreneur unique? Is it that unshakable drive to succeed? Is it a single brilliant idea? All of the above?

There is a myth that entrepreneurs are somehow a different breed to the rest of us. They are somehow better suited to developing new ideas and turning them into reality. If you believe every post on LinkedIn, entrepreneurs are somehow super-human.

In reality, being entrepreneurial is about planning well, taking small, calculated risks and being willing to change directions, sometimes dramatically. In my new masterclass ‘Building an entrepreneurial mindset’ I dispel this myth and uncover how we can all be more entrepreneurial in our day-to-day work.


It is possible for anyone to be entrepreneurial. A researcher who takes a risk and pursues a risky experiment is entrepreneurial. A scientist who connects with others outside of academia to foster collaborations is entrepreneurial. A student who creates a new society of like-minded people is entrepreneurial.

Developing an entrepreneurial mindset in researchers at your institution will create a more experimental and creative culture while encouraging researchers to develop soft skills that will benefit them long into the future.

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