UK healthcare is looking up

Even though everything in UK healthcare seems dire, recently I have been feeling better about the state of the National Health Service thanks to some inspiring early career medics, nurses and healthcare professionals who are committed to making a positive change.

Last week I took part in a panel discussion on the healthcare workforce for a Healthcare Leadership Academy (HLA) event at the House of Lords. The series of debates and keynote talks from senior figures in healthcare (including UCL Hospitals Chief Executive Marcel Levi) drew HLA scholars past and present.

Our conversation quickly turned to the things that were firing us up – particularly inequality and discrimination.

We spoke about the need to be resilient – especially in the face of a society that is unfair. I highlighted a common misconception around resilience – that resilient people aren’t knocked down during hard times. Resilience is about acknowledging difficulties and taking steps to get through them.

I was heartened by the passion that the attendees showed and their desire to be a positive force in healthcare in the UK.